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Imagine a world in which more people understand one another.

- Ronit

Understanding begins with language and language is so much more than words and translations - language is the dynamic confluence of open minds, global culture, and strong connections.

I was lucky to grow up learning more than one language. As a mom, I knew that bilingualism was one of the greatest gifts I could give my children. Being bilingual in our case means being able to connect with grandparents and friends, but it’s also a tool that creates opportunities for the future.  

It connects us with other cultures. It opens doors.

I’m passionate about learning, and believe learning a language is a gift.  This is where the idea of ​​Feppy was born: how can we share these tools with families to make language learning easy? How can we give kids fun & creative ways to learn? 

Our English-Spanish bilingual subscription box began in 2020 and has been growing steadily ever since.  From our customers we’re learning that you don’t have to be bilingual to raise a bilingual child, and we’re learning that play-based learning takes some of the mystery out of bilingualism. 

We named our subscription box Feppy, because it merges Feliz & Happy together, and because it’s just fun. :)

Each FeppyBox includes stories, music, and games designed so children can learn, laugh, and live in two languages. Thank you for your support! 

Ronit Shiro - Founder and CEO

Who’s behind the box?

Feppy is a passionate multicultural and multidisciplinary team united behind a mission: to raise the next generation of global citizens, and to make it fun.

Educational Consultant

“Imagine a world where all kids have equal opportunities, regardless of their skin color, religion and nationality”.

With extensive experience in bilingual preschool education, they have brought a solid pedagogical structure to the entire project.

- Audrey & Alexandra

Product Developer

“Imagine a world where today's kids inherit a healthy and clean planet”.

With a long experience as a producer of TV, books, movies, theater, and music; crafting products for children it's her biggest drive. Her passion has always been art expression while being aware of the planet we live in and how to save it.

- Amanda


"Imagine a world where all stories have a happy ending".

Experts in capturing brilliant ideas that fly with spread wings like birds, sail the deepest seas, and are as wild as our imagination. Their millenary wisdom as storytellers has awarded them the recognition worthy of the greatest of all times.

- Lunamun & Charito

Bilingual expert

“Imagine a world where language isn't a barrier”.

With Alaska and New York as her official residences but her Colombian roots as the core definition of her soul, she had the priceless experience of being raised as bilingual, which brings flawlessly on her stories.

- Monica


"Imagine a world of united colors".

From hand painting to digital illustration, they bring images to life. Each of them has a unique talent and, when they work together, they have superpowers and the proof of it is… Feppy!

- Vanessa, Gabriela, Shera & Coralia

Music Producer

“Imagine a musically harmonious world”.

A Latin Grammy nominee who sees life as a harmonious melody, where everything sounds to the beat of his musical creativity and Latin rhythms.

- Arturo

Fun Feppy Facts

Modern stories infused with educational values (friendship, inclusion).


All the stories are written by different Latin-American authors adding diversity and global perspective.


Our adapted version of traditional children’s songs with rhythm twists: Merengueton - Salsa/Trap Reggaeton/Vallenato - Electro Mambo and other Latin rhythms.

Music produced by Latin Grammy nominee.