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Welcome to Feppy Box Feppy Box | Niños Bilingües

  • Inspiring young minds
    and bringing families together.

    Original bilingual stories in every box.

Stories that will make you laugh, love, and think in two languages!

Each box includes original kid-friendly bilingual books, activities, and music crafted by language immersion experts that let your kids play in English and Spanish.

Embark on a new adventure each month and expose your kids to a bilingual life!

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10 Reasons to raise a bilingual kid

1. Boosts self-confidence

2. Deepens  connections to family’s cultural backgrounds.

3. Opens opportunities and career paths.

4. Expands exposure to cultural diversity.

5. Increases cognitive abilities.

6. Enhances  memory and creativity.

7. Develops tolerance.

8. Improves focusing and multitasking.

9. Strengthens communication skills.

10. Helps form well-rounded personalities.

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