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Welcome to Feppy Box Feppy Box | Niños Bilingües

  • A monthly subscription box that exposes kids to English and Spanish through play!

    Learning another language gives kids greater cognitive abilities and advantages in life!

What's Inside a Box

Each monthly FeppyBox contains:

Feppy Book, an original story, and access to an online Video Audio Book to support pronunciation.

Feppy Play, a hands-on activity to encourage play-based learning. 

Feppy Parents, a unique Parent Guide to support ongoing immersive learning. 

Feppy Music & Audio Video Books, exclusive access to music produced by a Latin Grammy nominee and animated video books to support pronunciation.

Each month a new Feppy bilingual adventure awaits.

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Why Choose Bilingual?

You’ve likely heard that raising a child in a bilingual family has some pretty great benefits.

Even if your household isn't fully bilingual, your children can experience the same advantages simply by being exposed to another language.

From career paths to creativity, check out these 10 Reasons to Raise a Bilingual child.

Simple practices really can create meaningful opportunities, and that's what Feppy is designed to support families with!


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