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Welcome to Feppy Box Feppy Box | Spanish Learning for Kids

Now Is the Best Time for Your Child to Learn Spanish!

Little kids are like sponges, their brains pick up new languages so quickly! If you start young, learning Spanish can be easy.

Feppy Box makes it easy to give your children the lifetime benefits that speaking Spanish offers:

● Increases cognitive abilities
● Enhances memory and creativity
● Develops tolerance and resilience
● Boosts self-confidence and communication skills
● Makes college and job applications more competitive
● Opens opportunities

With Feppy, your child will learn Spanish through original stories, fun games and activities, and songs and videos!

To a child, Feppy feels like a toy, but they are picking up a second language at the same time.

To a parent, Feppy takes the guesswork out of teaching, guides you step by step and delivers a new theme each month to your door.

What's easier than that?


What's Inside a Box

Each FeppyBox is designed for immersive English-Spanish learning:

Feppy Book, an original story, and access to an online Video Audio Book to support pronunciation.

Feppy Play, a hands-on activity to encourage play-based learning. 

Feppy Parents, a unique Parent Guide to support ongoing immersive learning. 

Feppy Music & Audio Video Books, exclusive access to music produced by a Latin Grammy nominee and animated video books to support pronunciation.

Each Feppy box is an adventure!

Look inside a box!


Hear it from our Feppy Families!


I love to see the excitement on my daughter's face every time she gets a new box. Always curious about what's inside. As a mom, I love our bonding time reading Feppy bilingual books.

-Vera Wolferman


This box is so cute! I've struggled to find resources to reinforce my son's Spanish at home. FeppyBox has made this so easy and fun. Highly recommend it!

-Corina García


Feppy Box is happiness, ¡diversión!, learning, culture, language, literature, and family connections in a box! It's everything that it advertises and more, much more. 

-Kianny Antigua

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Feppy brings immersive English-Spanish learning to your home.  

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Start your bilingual journey today with Feppy!

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