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5 Tips for Raising Bilingual Children

July 14 2021 – Ronit Shiro

5 Tips for Raising Bilingual Children

raising bilingual children

It’s no cakewalk raising children to be bilingual, but thankfully, teaching children more than one language doesn’t need to be as challenging as it might seem while you’re in the process. Read these learning strategies to encourage you as you teach your children a second language. 

5 Tips for Raising Bilingual Children

1. Appreciate that any exposure to a second language is better than none at all. Feel like you’re not doing enough? You are! Small efforts and baby steps forward in language learning are not only OK; they’re ideal. We learn very few things in just one sitting; Children learn language by being exposed to a variety of circumstances and a variety of people over time. 

That’s what makes Feppy Box so effective for language learning! Each month, Feppy gives your children new and varied exposure to the Spanish and English language.

2. Keep it fun by singing and dancing your way to bilingualism! Music is one of the best methods to help children learn a language (or anything, for that matter) because music sticks in their brains! You know this from the TV show theme song or annoying advertising jingle you’ll never forget: Songs imprint information in our brains and stay there for a lifetime! So, one of the best ways you can help your child commit language to memory is to put it to song.

 Every Feppy Box comes with a new children’s song with bilingual lyrics, and exclusive online access to more music. It’s a ridiculously fun - and effective - way to learn Spanish and English!   

3. Pay attention to your child’s learning style. We all have different ways we learn best. Knowing how your child absorbs information will allow you to create easier and more effective ways for them to learn language.

The four types of learners

  • Visual: They learn by seeing. Use pictures.
  • Auditory: They learn by hearing. Use conversation and audio recordings.
  • Kinesthetic: They learn by doing. Use hands-on opportunities and incorporate body movement.
  • Read & Write: They learn by reading text or taking notes. Use books.

Feppy Box offers fun all four learning types through picture books, music and dancing, audio recordings, games, and activities!

4. Find opportunities where your child needs to use the language. Need is one of the single most important factors in determining language acquisition. If a child needs to use a language to be able to function in their surroundings, they will. Creating opportunities for your child to use a language in a real-life setting will expedite their learning process. Children will learn a language when they need it to communicate with people in their life.  

Feppy Box gives your children the opportunity to practice real-life speaking skills through pronunciation guides and modeling the language for them

5. Don’t worry about confusing your child. You might be worried that teaching your child a second language while they’re still learning their first language will confuse them and stunt their growth in either language. This is not the case. Studies show that children have an amazing ability to distinguish two languages —they naturally, from a young age, develop two separate linguistic systems in their brains. So you do not need to keep languages separate in your homes. Nor should you worry if your children mix languages as they speak ‒it’s a sign that both languages are active in the brain and naturally being engaged.

All of Feppy Box products are fully bilingual - providing instructions and learning in both English and Spanish.  

The best advice for raising a child to be bilingual? Don’t overthink it! Keep it natural and keep it fun; it’s the best way to ensure information is learned and remembered. 

Children learn best through playing, so the best learning shouldn’t feel like learning! At Feppy Box, we’re making it easier for parents to raise their children bilingually. See how we can help you in your child’s bilingual journey, and have fun along the way! 


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